2018 President’s Message

Happy New Year to all Virginia shooters!

Although the weather isn't conducive to ANY outside shooting activity right now, that will soon change. I challenge all of you to enjoy shooting registered targets at as many of our 19 VSSA-affiliated host clubs as possible this year. Skeet shooters in Virginia are almost uniquely blessed, among NSSA states, in the number of hosting clubs and the number of registered shooting opportunities we have within a “reasonable” traveling distance.

Another challenge is, of course, the number of shooters we are losing each year to aging and/or economic issues. This sort of rise and fall occurs in cycles. I have heard that golf and tennis are also losing competitors - perhaps due to the waning of the “Boomer" generation. However, there is something those of us still pulling the trigger can do. Have you personally introduced anyone to skeet shooting recently? How about it? Do you remember how YOU learned about skeet shooting? How about going out and duplicating that introduction? I would like to challenge each and every one of you. Look around your family, extended family, neighbors and/or co-workers. Who might you be able to take out for an afternoon of shooting (once the weather is better)? I've never introduced anyone to the sport who hasn't had a great time at the introduction, but it takes many introductions before a new shooter becomes “hooked". The time and money needed to pursue the hobby is often an impediment. So get out there and introduce everyone you know!

Yet another challenge we’re facing: we need more, and younger, new referees. In addition to introducing acquaintances to shooting, how about introducing them and/or their teenagers to shooting and refereeing? At $30 a squad (or $7/shooter) that's a pay rate of $20 an hour. Not bad at all for a weekend's work. And if a referee also shoots, it's a way to help reduce the cost of shooting. Many of us got started that way. Our chief referee, Lane Hartle, would be happy to work with your club to put on a referee training session.

So enough preaching to the choir (for now). I hope you all stay warm and get your reloading done during this cold snap, so that you are ready to start shooting registered targets in Virginia (and other states) when the weather allows. The 2018 Virginia schedule is now posted on our website, along with Maryland’s schedule. Sit down NOW, call your shooting buddies, and make up your shooting schedule for this season! And don't forget to make time to introduce some new shooters to our game!

Good shooting to all of us!

Rebecca Myers, VSSA President

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