2020 President’s Message

Virginia skeet shooters, welcome to a new skeet year! For me, hunting seasons are about wrapped up and reloading season is in full swing. As we get started in 2020, I would encourage all shooters to take the open book referee's test and become a certified referee. You will learn a lot about skeet rules, and you will be able to help out at some clubs when referees are in short supply. 

Some good news that I am happy to tell you about is that Conservation Park will once again be hosting our 5 Person Team Club Fun Shoot in early March. This is a Fun Shoot so they are non-registered targets. Please try to get one or more teams together from your club to participate. Remember, each team must have a .410 shooter, a 28 ga shooter, a 20 ga shooter, and a shooter declaring 12 ga. The 5th shooter can use the gauge of their choice. All 5 shooters will shoot together on the same field. Also, each team must furnish a referee to pull for another squad either earlier or later in the day as necessary. More details and sign up information will be coming later.

Let's all have a fun and safe shooting season! I look forward to seeing you out there!

Richard Haynie, VSSA President

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