Upcoming Shoots in April

It looks like winter is finally behind us!  Time to dust off those guns, grab some shells and head out to the following shoots that are being hosted during April.  Unless otherwise noted, all shoots offer all gauges plus doubles.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on the ranges!

Apr 2, Richmond, 5-Man Team Fun Shoot
Apr 7-8, Halifax, Poke Chop Saturday Open (12 & 20)
Apr 8-9, Halifax, Poke Chop Sunday Open (12 & 20)
Apr 8, Dublin, Spring Kickoff Open
Apr 14-15, Chesapeake, Corona Open
Apr 15-16, Fort Lee, Foxwell & Roberts Open
Apr 21-23, Brushy Mountain, Brushy Mountain Spring Shoot
Apr 21-23, Fairfax, Virginia Open
Apr 22, Triangle, Stallard Open
Apr 28-30, Memphis, TN, Ladies Charity Skeet Classic
Apr 29, Kettlefoot, Kettlefoot Open #1 (12 & 20)
Apr 29-30, Fort Lee, Hancock Open

Passing of Chuck Long

Chuck Long

The staff and members of Conservation Park in Charles City, Virginia, are very saddened to report the loss of Chuck Long, who passed away around 5:30 this morning, Sunday, March 19th.  He was 78 years old and a long-time shooter and member of the board of directors at Conservation Park.  A memorial service is being planned at the park, further details will be posted soon.  

Upcoming Shoots in March


We have two skeet shoots to announce for March.  On Saturday, March 18th, the Fairfax Rod & Gun Club will be hosting the annual George Mason Benefit Open.  This is a one-day 12 and 20 gauge only shoot, with two rotations for each gun.  Click HERE to see the flyer for this shoot.  To pre-register, contact Buddy Baker at (703) 580-6740 or email him at


And the same weekend, the Airfield Shooting Club will be hosting their annual Swamp Shooter’s Kick-Off, March 18-20.  This shoot offers all four guns plus doubles, at $25 per gun.  Ties will be determined by shoot offs on Monday afternoon.  If shooters are unable to attend the shoot offs, gun champion(s) will be decided by long runs.  To pre-register, contact Richard Sutton by email at

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