Updates to Shoots Menu


Today I made a few additions to the Shoots menu.  Robert Williams gave me a copy of the flyer for the Bill Twyman Open at Piedmont in September.  Using the information in the flyer, I created a poster-style announcement page for the shoot, then I linked it to the Twyman Open in the Shoots menu.

If you click on the Twyman Open under the Shoots menu, you will see all the info on events, fees, rotations, etc.  I also downloaded the pre-registration flyers for the Junior World, Zone 2 Championships and the World Championships, and created links for them as well.

Shoot Managers: take a look at the flyer format for the Twyman, and if you’d like your upcoming shoots announced in a similar format, just send me one of your flyers or look me up at the next shoot if I’m there.  It would be really easy to advertise your shoot on this site with just a few text changes.

See you at the shoots!  -Lane Hartle

Requesting Changes or Additions to


I would like to thank all of you for the nice comments about the new website.  Although this site has been active for about a month, to give me a chance to try out the new website software and create new content, I only announced it two days ago on the “old” website.  It’s good to see so many of you are already enjoying the new look.  In order to continue to make this site better, I need everyone’s help with content.  If you see something that’s incorrect, or if you have suggestions for additions, just send me an email at  You can also find my contact information under Contacts > Website.

At a recent shoot, someone suggested the club reps page under Contacts > Club Representatives is out of date.  Please take a look at this page to make sure the representative information for your club is correct, and send me any corrections you’d like to make.

If a shooter or other member of our Virginia skeet family has passed away and you’d like them added to the In Remembrance page (under the About menu), send me a nice write-up of that person, along with a photo or two, so I can create a special page for family and friends to see.

Another suggestion I received recently was adding a shoot flyer as a clickable link on the Shoots menu.  If shoot management for an upcoming tournament could send me a Word document, PDF file, or even a JPEG image of the shoot flyer, I can create a link so the flyer pops up when you click on that shoot.  If you don’t have a flyer, just send me a write-up to post, such as the dates, the guns you’re shooting, and any other info you want shooters to see.  I can even help you design a flyer that can be used over and over for your club, by just changing dates and other facts.

Under the Info menu, there’s a new For Sale/Trade section.  If you have guns, reloaders, or anything else you’d like to sell or trade, again, send me a write-up and a photo or two, and I’ll get it posted for you.

Finally, I need club reps and members of the board of directors to notify me of anything they would like posted to get information out to all of you.  So keep the suggestions coming and send me an email or call me for additions or corrections.  Remember, this site is your site, and its content is only as good as the information I receive.  See you at the shoots!

-Lane Hartle

Latest Web Site Improvements


Work is still ongoing to copy information to this web site from the existing  The latest improvements I’ve recently added include the Scores section, turning the Home page into a blog, and adding weekend weather forecasts for every club in the Clubs section.

Under the Scores menu, you’ll find a list of all the 2014 Virginia shoots, and if NSSA has uploaded the shoot results to their website, I’ve captured them and uploaded them here.  So far, NSSA has posted shoots up to the Virginia-Carolina Open at Arrowhead, but I’ll keep checking for more recent shoot results.  If the name of a shoot is displayed in orange, just click on the shoot to see the results for all the events at that shoot.  Click on the Scores menu above to check it out for yourself.

The Home page has also been converted into a blog, so that I can now post updates, articles, and news of interest to Virginia shooters.  If members of the board of directors or club representatives have information they would like to post, they can email me the details and I can update the home page blog to get the word out to everyone quickly.

Finally, I added a link to for each club listed under the Clubs menu.  Click on any club name and down at the bottom of the page you will find a link to the weekend weather forecast for that area.  Now you know what kind of clothes to bring with you, including rain gear!  :)

-Lane Hartle

New and Improved VASkeet Website


Welcome to the new website.  I created this website with the intention of improving the appearance of the existing website, while at the same time making it easier to maintain.  Also, this new design is mobile-friendly, meaning it looks good not just on computers and laptops, but on tablets and smart phones as well.  The new website also contains no Flash content or other technologies that don’t work well with mobile devices.  So enjoy the new appearance and send me feedback on things you'd like to add.  Also check out all the menus and pages, and let me know if any content needs to be corrected.  I look forward to hearing from you.  See you at the shoots!

-Lane Hartle

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