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Sometime last night, August 27th, the 2,500th visitor viewed the pages here at!!  So I did the math: Bob Myers currently has 509,449 targets in NSSA records (not counting any recent shoots that aren’t recorded yet).  Based upon just those targets, and an average of 1,250 website visitors per month, it will take 407.56 months, or 33.96 years for me to catch up to his record in the year 2048.  I’ll be 86 years old then.  Makes me tired just thinking about it.  I think your record is safe, Bob…  -Lane Hartle

More Shoot Results for July and August

Looks like NSSA was very busy today, posting scores from recent shoots.  Today they posted SEVEN recent shoots.  Check under the Scores menu or click on the shoots listed below to see the reports:

25-27, Fairfax, Bull Run Open (4 guns + doubles)
26, Dublin, July Fun Open (4 guns + doubles)
31-3, Halifax, Summer Shoot-Out Open (4 guns + doubles)
2, Triangle, Havens Open (12 & .410)
2, Arlington-Fairfax, Doubles Marathon (doubles only)
9, Dublin, End of Summer Open (4 guns + doubles)
9-10, Fort Lee, Pre-State Open (4 guns + doubles)

Update Posted for .410 Results at State Shoot


A mistake was discovered in the final report for the .410 results at the state shoot.  John Glenn won .410 3rd place after the shoot-offs, not Jimmy Smith as previously reported.  I’ve already posted the updated report in the blog entry called 2014 State Shoot Results.  Click HERE to see the updated .410 report.

Skeet Shooting Fundamentals

A couple of new shooters have recently asked me for helpful hints on skeet shooting.  Some of you may remember Ed Scherer’s articles in the Skeet Review magazine back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s.  I’ve downloaded the reprints of his articles covering stations one thru eight from the NSSA website and I’m posting them here for all to read and enjoy.  Feel free to read these online or download to your computer:

Station 1   Station 2   Station 3   Station 4   Station 5   Station 6   Station 7   Station 8


Another good resource that covers foot positions, hold points, look points, break points, etc. is Todd Bender’s article called Station By Station Analysis on his new website at Todd Bender Performance Systems, Int’l.  You can visit Todd’s website and read the article by clicking this link:

Also on Todd’s website is his cheat sheet, which shows in one easy to understand table, hold points, eye positions, amount of lead, foot positions, and break points for all eight stations.  Click here for his cheat sheet article:

You can also read other articles in Todd’s blogs on shooting fundamentals as well.

2014 State Shoot Results


The results for all the events at the 2014 State Skeet Championships at Fredericksburg are now available.  Congrats to HOA and HAA Champion Taylor Ricketts with a 398 and 495 respectively!  Click on each of the links below to view or download the PDF file for each event.

20 Ga Prelim   Doubles   20 Gauge   28 Gauge   12 Gauge   .410 Bore   HOA   HAA

We also have final results on three events that were not tracked by the computer software.  The 2014 12 gauge 3-Man Team Club Braggers award goes to Brushy Mountain Gun Club with a 292.  Team members were Katherine Adams (99), Monty Sprouse (95) and Paul Kvasnicka (98).

The B-C-D-E Shootoff winners were Robert King (B), Neil Woolfolk (C), Mark Parker (D) and Roger Warner (E).  Each class winner received a flat of shells and then moved on to the final shoot-off for $100.  Congrats to Mark Parker, the B-C-D-E Champion!

And new for 2014, the reinstated Champ of Champs event, which had not been shot since 2007.  This year, to simplify the event, the last round of each main event was used to calculate the C of C score.  Out of 74 participants, there were 11 100s (with handicaps).  D-shooter Mark Lovelace took home the silver bowl!

2014 State Shoot Competitor List

The list of competitors who attended the 2014 state shoot is now available, along with scores for each event that were reported to NSSA.

Click HERE to download the PDF file

The final results for each event, along with the results for concurrents and teams are still being verified.  I will have them posted as soon as they are available.

How to Print Photos from


John Eklund suggested that I post instructions on how to print photos from this website.  For those of you who have photo printers or decent quality inkjet printers, it’s easy to print your own copies.  Simply browse through the photo albums and download the photos to your computer that you’d like to print.  To download them on a Windows machine, right click on a photo, then choose Save Image As… and select a folder to save the picture(s) into.  On an Apple computer, press the Control key and click on a photo, then choose Save Image As…  Once you have all the photos downloaded that you’d like to print, find the folder you downloaded them to, double click each photo to open them in your image previewer, and print them.  If you have any problems doing this, just call or email me and I’ll try to step you through the process.

2014 State Shoot Photo Album

IMG 0915

This afternoon, I published the first set of photos from the 2014 State Skeet Championships at Fredericksburg Rod & Gun Club.  These are just the ones I managed to take while visiting with friends, picking up target boxes, or just riding around on the Kubota with Marley and Danny.  To view the 2014 state shoot photo album, just click on the Photos menu, then 2014 State Shoot.  If any of you have photos you would like to share on the website, just email them to me at  If you have a lot of photos, you can burn them to a CD and mail it to: Lane Hartle, 38 Sunrise Valley Court, Stafford, VA 22554.  Please let me know if you want the CD back and I’ll return it.  Also, please send me the names of people in your photos, since I don’t know everyone in the state, although for some reason, they sure seem to know me… :)     Cheers, Lane Hartle...

More Shoot Results Posted

The 2014 Virginia State Championships are now in the record books, the awards handed out, and more than a few tired souls woke up this morning (myself included) with sore muscles, lighter checkbooks, and more fond memories of meeting up with old friends to swap stories.  Congratulations to all the champions!  I’ll be posting state shoot results and photos as soon as I receive them.  However, while we were all busy enjoying the beautiful weather in Fredericksburg for the past week, NSSA was busy getting caught up on posting scores of recent shoots here in Virginia.  I spent some time this morning posting shoot results under the Scores menu for the following July shoots:

11-13, Arrowhead, Firecracker 400 Open (4 guns + doubles)
12-13, South Anna, John Fuqua Open (4 guns + doubles)
19, Triangle, Ruble Open (12 & 28)
20, Kettlefoot, Kettlefoot Open #2 (12 & 20)
26-27, Fort Lee, Bucky Open (4 guns + doubles)

State Shoot Important Announcement!

Parks & Son. Inc. will NOT be coming to the State Shoot.  They have been unable to secure enough ammo and reloading components to make the trip pay for itself.  Therefore, all shooters must do their best to arrive at the shoot with sufficient ammo. 

A good supply of new 12ga and 20ga will be available (courtesy of Richmond's pro shop) and will be sold by the BOX and by the FLAT.  The Fairfax Gun Club Pro Shop will be providing a few flats of .410 and 28ga (28ga available in 8 shot only) for those who need them, but due to short supply will be sold by the BOX only.  Gabby will be selling state shoot T-shirts and the ammo from Bud Hitchcock's pickup truck.  Bud, Gabby, and I have been scurrying around doing our best to find ammunition since learning of Parks' decision.  PLEASE come to the shoot prepared and bring all the ammo you can, you are forewarned!

-Becky Myers

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