Attention Virginia Referees


Attention VA Referees and VA shooters wishing to become referees:

Please hold off downloading the NSSA referee exams and referee applications. NSSA is currently working on a decision to have referee credentials last for 3 years, and possibly charge a 3-year fee of $20, like they do with sporting clays referees. This is a slightly higher cost than the current $5 per year we've been paying, but it will be nice to not repeat the exam and application process every year like we do now.

I should have a final answer by Nov 30th, which is also when NSSA plans to have the 2016 referee exams and rulebooks ready for download from their website. I will also have copies of these files on available for download. Also, according to NSSA, there are very few changes between the 2015 and 2016 referee exams, so because of the change in the length of the skeet season this year, you make take either test, the choice is up to you.  I’ll keep you posted on NSSA’s decision.

-Lane Hartle

Last Chance Open at Fairfax


The Fairfax Rod and Gun Club is planning to host the Last Chance Open, on December 5, 2015. This will be a one-day, Any Gun + Doubles event.

Squad times will be at 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, and 1:00 PM.  This will be an honors only shoot.  No cash options are contemplated at this time, however this could change.  Entry Fee:  $25.00 per gun.

Shoot Reservations:  contact Buddy Baker at 703-491-7427 or by email at

Age/Status Concurrents, Entry Fee: FREE

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