Happy New Year!!!!


The Officers and Members of the Virginia Skeet Shooting Association wish everyone a safe and happy New Year.  As we enter a new skeet season, may you shoot better scores than last year, may you meet back up with old friends and maybe even discover a few new ones, and may all your travels be safe.  Happy New Year!!!!

Update on Referee Credentials

Attention referees and wanna-be referees:


I just spoke to Stephanie Haga at NSSA this morning. A decision has not yet been made to change the referee credentials from one year to three years like I previously posted. Therefore, if you want to go ahead and download the 2015 referee test and application, and send both to me with your $5, I'll submit it to NSSA for you. She also said that the decision to move to a 3-year cycle was definitely coming, just no estimate as to when this will take place.

UPDATE (12/15/2015): NSSA has decided to keep the current one-year referee credentials and $5 annual fee in place for now. However, the three-year credentials are coming and will be implemented at a later date.  I’ll keep everyone posted when this happens.  Also, the 2016 Referee Exam is now available.  I’ve downloaded it from NSSA and included a link below for you to print and send to me with the application and $5 fee.

Click here to download the 2016 REFEREE EXAM and REFEREE APPLICATION

Please send your completed referee tests and applications along with $5 to:

Lane Hartle
329 Stratford Circle
Locust Grove, VA 22508

If you don't have a way to print the referee test and application, email or call me, and I'll send both to you. My cell phone is (540) 419-9420 and my email address is

2016 Skeet Shoot Schedule

Attention shooters: Attached is the final approved skeet shooting schedule for the 2016 Virginia skeet tournament season.

Click HERE to open

CORRECTION: The previously published schedule had incorrect dates for the Halifax Summer Shoot-Out. The dates have been changed to Aug 4-7th, 2016.  Click the link above to view and/or print the revised schedule.

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