Coronavirus Update


Greetings all, I hope everyone is doing well, especially with regard to our current coronavirus situation. As we all expected, with the mandatory business closures and “stay at home” policies currently in effect, we are having to postpone or cancel some of our upcoming skeet shoots.
Please note the latest updates and cancellations below:

Mar 28, Chesapeake, Corona Open
Apr 2, Fairfax, Doerflein Open (Thurs Night)  CANCELLED
Apr 4, Dublin, Spring Kickoff Open
Apr 9-11, Rivanna, Jambalaya Open  CANCELLED
Apr 16-18, Halifax, Poke Chop Saturday Open (12, 20, Doubles)  CANCELLED
Apr 19, Halifax, Poke Chop Sunday Open (12 & 20)  CANCELLED
Apr 18, Fairfax, Ironman 500 (AAA/AA) Closed Shoot (20 only)
Apr 18, Triangle, Stallard Open  CANCELLED
Apr 18-19, Fort Lee, Foxwell & Roberts Open  CANCELLED
Apr 19, Fairfax, Doubles 200 Open
Apr 25, Brushy Mountain, Spring Open  CANCELLED
Apr 24-26, Fairfax, Virginia Open
May 1-3, Savannah GA, Krieghoff Master’s  MOVED TO AUG 27-30
May 1-3, Piedmont, Piedmont Spring Open
May 2-3, Fort Lee, Dewey Open  CANCELLED
May 9, Chesapeake, Hawaiian Shirt Open
May 11-15, Fort Bragg NC, Armed Services Championships
May 15-17, Richmond, Old Dominion Open
May 22-24, Arlington-Fairfax IWLA, Memorial Day Open
May 23, Triangle, Triangle Open  CANCELLED
May 29-31, Arrowhead, Virginia-Carolina Open
May 30, Kettlefoot, Kettlefoot Open #2

I contacted Chris Naler, Armed Services Skeet President, and he confirmed that as of today (Mar 22), the Armed Services Championships are still proceeding as planned. He and the AFSA staff are in contact with Fort Bragg command staff regarding COVID-19, and will post any updates on the AFSA skeet website. I will also post updates here to make sure Virginia shooters are kept informed.

I am remaining in close contact with Richard and Hannah during this crisis, so that we can pass along the newest information as quickly as possible. Please notify your VSSA staff and me with any shoot updates or cancellations, so that I can update this webpage and keep everyone informed. I’m praying that we’ll all be shooting together again soon. God bless everyone…

Lane Hartle

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