Upcoming Shoots for April


Listed below are the upcoming skeet shoots for the month of April.
Click on the links to see the flyers for each shoot:

Apr 6-7, Halifax, Poke Chop Saturday Open
Apr 7-8, Halifax, Poke Chop Sunday Open
Apr 7, Dublin, Spring Kickoff Open
Apr 7, Middlesex, Closed Club Shoot
Apr 14, Triangle, Stallard Open
Apr 20-22, Brushy Mountain, Spring Open
Apr 20-22, Fairfax, Virginia Open
Apr 21-22, Fort Lee, Foxwell & Roberts Open
Apr 27-29, Fredericksburg, Rebel Open

At the Virginia Open this year, Jeff Bond has added two other options, besides the usual Oklahomas, Optional Class Purse and Handicap options. Also included will be a 28 gauge 3-man blind team option, and a 12 gauge BCDE option.

The BCDE option is for 12 gauge shooters in B, C, D or E classes only, and the highest score each round divides the money, no shoot-offs. $10 entry fee.

The 28 gauge 3-man blind teams will be computer selected to make teams as even as possible based on shooting averages. All entry money is divided evenly among the three winning team members. $15 entry fee.

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