Upcoming Shoots in March and April

The 5-Man Team Fun Shoot was held last Sunday, and it’s great to have this shoot back in the schedule again. Thanks to Kevin and Laura for all the hard work. And now it’s time to start advertising some of the upcoming shoots for the regular season.

Listed below are the shoots for March and April. Click on the links in ORANGE to see more information for each shoot.

Mar 14-15, Fairfax, George Mason Benefit Open
Mar 21-23, Airfield, Swamp Shooter’s Kickoff Open
Mar 28, Chesapeake, Corona Open
Apr 4, Dublin, Spring Kickoff Open
Apr 9-11, Rivanna, Jambalaya Open
Apr 16-18, Halifax, Poke Chop Saturday Open (12, 20, Doubles)
Apr 19, Halifax, Poke Chop Sunday Open (12 & 20)
Apr 18, Fairfax, Ironman 500 (AAA/AA) Closed Shoot (20 only)
Apr 18-19, Fort Lee, Foxwell & Roberts Open
Apr 19, Fairfax, Doubles 200 Open
Apr 24-26, Fairfax, Virginia Open

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