2014 Season Comes To An End


With only a few weekends left in October, the 2014 skeet season is almost over.  There are only 5 more chances in October for you to get in more targets.  The upcoming shoots are:

     17-19, Arrowhead, Elam Memorial Open (4 guns + doubles)
     17-20, Airfield, Swamp Shooters Windup (4 guns)
     18, Kettlefoot, Kettlefoot Open #3 (12 & 20)
     24-28, Oceana, Haines-Morris Memorial (any 2 guns + doubles)
     25-26, Piedmont, Closed Club Shoot (4 guns + doubles)

I apologize for not posting any updates lately, Ive been extremely busy putting my current house in Stafford on the market and getting ready to move to Locust Grove, out Rt 3 West from Fredericksburg.  Only 4 more days till closing on the new house, then its time to pack.  Now if I could just remember where I put my ear plugs  :)

-Lane Hartle

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