2016 State Shoot Results

The 2016 State Shoot is now behind us.  I hope everyone had a good time, I know I did.  

Click HERE to see the final shoot report that Bob and Becky put together.

Click HERE to see the full list of all competitors and scores, sorted by last name.

Also, all the photos I took are now under the menu Photos > 2016 State Shoot.

A Final Note From Becky


Before I finish packing all the important things for the state shoot (don’t worry Richard, I didn’t forget the Coronas), I'm posting one last note from Becky:


The internet service at Arrowhead is marginal... so we can't just "look it up for you" and we shouldn't have to anyway!!!

The shooter is responsible for keeping their averages up to date (says so right in the NSSA Rule book!!) Also, online records are not up to date re: last few weeks of shooting... so PLEASE arrive at the state shoot with your scores/averages up to date! We are happy to help new shooters figure out how to average... but we can't do that without the scores you have shot!

2016 State Shoot Program

Cover Image

By now, everyone should have received their state shoot program in the mail.  For those that would like a copy to view online, or to download to your computer for offline viewing, I’ve created a PDF version.

Click on the state shoot program to view and/or save the PDF file.

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